• Independent Financial Advisers

    Happy Retirement?


Get help and advice on:

  • Ensuring that existing mortgages are correct for your circumstances
  • Funding moving home
  • Funding investment in property and second homes buy to let
  • Discussing likely future interest rate movements and the implications for your mortgage
    Planning for mortgages

Insurance and Protection

Get help and advice on:

  • Ensuring the correct life insurance policies are in place
  • Ensuring adequate covered in case of serious illness or injury
  • Covering family in case of an unforeseen pause in income
  • Protecting income in the case of being unable to work

Savings and Investments

Get help and advice on:

  • Ensuring investment portfolios are performing on target
  • Ensuring a diversified portfolio that matches your risk profile
  • Minimising your tax liability through ISAs and NISAs
  • Confirming savings are earning the best possible returns
  • Ensuring savings plans are progressing on plan
  • Finding the right balance between building investments, savings and pensions


Get help and advice on:

  • Consolidating company and private pension schemes
  • Ensuring pension plans are progressing on track
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of SIPPS and managed pension schemes
  • Updating plans to allow for early retirement
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