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We are generalist Independent Financial Advisers with 27 years in Financial Services .On a professional and personal level I have always been involved in the property market , this has given me a considerable knowledge level which I am quite happy to pass onto clients.We look for solutions not obstacles and we do not charge upfront fees! We also have the Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate in Securities Advice and Dealing. £5,645,986 funds under management (correct at 05/03/2015)

In Scotland thousands of people had their life savings in single company shares. A Financial Adviser would have advised against such a high risk strategy and subsequently people would not have lost all their savings when the crash came. In my opinion a Financial Advisers role is to preserve wealth and add a reasonable amount of growth to clients capital i.e. make clients money.

Niven Financial Ltd Is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide financial advice.

We have staff who have been financial advisers since 1988, dealing with a wide range of clients with different backgrounds and requirements.

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